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Top Functional Trends of 2019: Digital Shower Systems

Earlier this year we shared our first functional trend in homebuilding: convection steam ovens. This kitchen appliance offers versatility to homeowners and allows them to steam, roast, bake, slow cook, and more! We love when we can integrate new technologies into our builds that help make their lives just a little bit easier. And that’s exactly why we picked the digital showering systems for our second functional trend of 2019.

First, we love digital shower system because of it’s clean look and ease of use. A flat digital panel, similarly sized to a smart phone is often more appeasing to the eye than a handle or knob. Also, in comparison to a knob, the panel is much more accurate. Temperature can be set without the hassle of turning a handle back and forth!


The second feature we appreciate about digital shower systems is their ability to save water! The Kohler DTV Prompt Digital Showering System allows the water to heat up once the control is activated, rather than when the water is running. The U by Moen even lets homeowners use their smart phone to set the perfect shower and get a notification when it is ready! You can even use Alexa’s voice controls to start the shower! Both systems also let you customize your shower length which is great for morning schedules and reducing water waste.

Our last, but definitely not least, favorite feature about digital shower systems is their ability to set a maximum temperature for water. This is perfect for families with small children.

Most systems come in a variety of finishes and they can operate bath, bath and shower, or shower only valves. Plus they are compatible with rainheads, handshowers, and body sprays.

The future has definitely arrived and we can’t wait to share with you all the other fun technologies we can integrate into your new home!