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Top Functional Trends of 2019: Convection Steam Ovens

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you probably saw a few posts recently related to top design trends for 2019.  Textured wallpaper, patterned tile backsplashes, and mixed metal accents topped the lists.  While we’re all about having a beautiful home, whether that be trendy or timeless, we also focus on making sure our homes are functional.  We’re fortunate that our in-house designer, Sandy Hagen, keeps up-to-date on both trends and functionality!  Topping her list are steam ovens, digital shower controls, direct vent fireplaces and so many more. 

When it comes to the kitchen, Sandy suggests clients to incorporate a convection steam oven into their design.  While the convection steam oven isn’t necessarily new, the versatility of the appliance continues to expand.  Steam, roast, bake, slow cook, and more in a convection steam oven.  The combination of convection AND steam means that dishes cook faster and have the option to be both moist and crispy.  Translation: No more soggy leftovers!  “A stale baguette is rejuvenated to just-baked freshness… Crisp, hot phyllo pastry is baked around firmly frozen ice cream. Miraculous? It’s all in a day’s work for the convection steam oven,” sites the Wolf website.

Wolf Convection Steam Oven

Some of Sandy’s favorite features of the Wolf line of convection steam oven include:

Larger Interior Capacity- From roasting a 15 pound turkey to baking multiple casserole dishes, new steam ovens have more cooking space than ever.

Easy-Access Water Tank- Don’t worry!  If a recipe needs more than 90 minutes of continuous steam, it’s easy to refill the tank without interrupting the cooking process or opening the door.   

Gourmet Mode- Well folks…I think the Jetsons have arrived!  Not only are our cars driving themselves, but our appliances are cooking for us.  The climate sensor on the Wolf series of convection steam ovens detects the volume, shape, and consistency of our dish (after we input the type of food) and automatically adjusts the time, temperature, and humidity!  “Anything from a soufflé to a crown roast to a few sweet potatoes,” says Wolf. 

Outside of the many features, Sandy also particularly likes how healthy of a cooking method the convection steam oven is.  Steamed vegetables retain up to 22% more vitamins and French fries are “fried” without the added fat!

So, what’s the drawback you ask?  Well when compared with a traditional microwave-which the convection steam oven would replace- the cost is about 10 times higher.  The Wolf line starts at approximately $4,000.  However, Sub-Zero’s residential limited warranty lasts 12 years on certain parts and we’re pretty sure you’ll have it for as long as you have the house!  Havlicek Builders relies on trusted brands like Sub-Zero Wolf, Viking, Miele, Thermador, Gagenau, and more for all their new construction homes.

What’s your favorite functional feature of your kitchen?  Do you have a convection steam oven and if so, what are your thoughts?